Organizational Identity

In November 2019, the results of the first year of work on restructuring and revising Celesc’s Master Plan, which established goals until 2030, were presented. In this redefinition, the goals started to target the period from 2025 (medium term) to 2035 (long term).

A new corporate identity was established, which consolidates the set of strategic elements that represent the company as its principle of existence, its values and guidelines, and its strategic goals.

After assessing the opinion of employees and extensive discussion between external consultants, the Executive Board and project managers, Purpose, Values and Principles, Mission and Business Vision were also defined, namely:


Offer energy solutions with excellence, ensuring sustainable business development.


To be an efficient energy company, recognized for its level of quality and value generation.


Fulfill its public function of providing energy for development and quality of life.

Values and Principles:

• Ethics in conducting people and processes;
• Responsibility to society, employees and the environment
• Efficiency reflected in the generation of value for shareholders and the quality of service provided to customers.

Understanding Guidelines
Results Results High-performance, effectiveness, efficiency, ongoing improvement, process improvements, problem solving (obtained result), exceed the goals established, professionalism, accurate execution of tasks.
Innovation Making the difference, try with responsibility to propose solutions (observe, ask, associate), share best practices.
Valuing People Integration, focus on the team, interpersonal relationships, opened dialogue, merit and qualification, simplicity, HR policies that promote the relationship with and among employees.
Commitment With employees, environment, investors, community, customers, honesty and openness.
Social and Environmental Responsibilityl Appreciation of local culture, environment and ecosystems, respect for the community, commitment to social programs.
Ethics Professional integrity (company, suppliers and customers) in business, law enforcement, in the commitment to best governance practices, the preservation of the image, the appropriate use of information and resources and means.
Secutiry Protection to human and the environment, safety, identification, control and monitoring of risks.